There are a number of events taking place on a weekly schedule. Please check the calendar of events for details.

Chakra healing course I

Our chakras are important energy points in our body and surrounding aura. It is a pleasure to get in touch with your chakras and feel their different energies. We will playfully explore the 7 main chakras, and also learn how to bring healing to them. Please call me or write an email for more information and for booking the course one week in advance. Thank you.

Shaman Healing evening with drums and sacred chanting

I love to play the drum and sing for Mother Earth. Sacred chanting and drumming brings you "back on the ground". I will guide you on a healing journey into the fire of Mother Earth. This is great for cleansing the body, mind and spirit. Please call or write an email a week in advance to book the event. Thank you.

NEW! Discover your own healing potential during a weekend retreat! On Sept. 19th/20th 2015 you have the chance to reconnect to your own healing wisdom from Lemurian times and bring it into your present life. Guided meditations and healing rituals will reconnect you with Avalon, Siberia, Peru and Tibet, where you lived as a shaman, healing priest/ess or wise woman/man. Bring those wonderful powers back into your daily life! Please call or email for more information!