Shaman Healing is deeply connected to nature and the elements. The elements fire, water, earth and air are all inside of us, in our bodies. When we open our hearts for nature, for Mother Earth, She will talk to us. And through Love we will understand.

I am a Sinchota Maran Shaman, initiated in the holy cycle of the year: spring, summer, fall and winter. The different seasons are visible in nature, and also in our lives. Every spring something new begins which will unfold and blossom during summer, and brings fruits in fall. Winter is the time of letting go, of going inside and rest. It is also the time of receiving visions for the new year.

In my healing work I am guided by the 7 holy power animals. The Spirits of the power animals guide us to holy places of power and wisdom. Individual healing of the soul and the body is initiated, and you come back refreshed and deeply cleansed.


Are you interested in getting to know this healing work? Please write an email or call me. I am looking forward to hear from you.