The Path into Light

Are you experiencing changes in your life that you cannot explain?

Do you think that your life surely must have a deeper meaning, but you are not sure yet what it is about?

Is your everyday life not really making you happy, are you looking for inner truth and wisdom?

The Path into Light is a path you can take. It will bring deeper sense into your life by reconnecting you to your inner light, the source of your own wisdom. It is a six day intensive seminar, each day filled with getting to know your chakras and your own light tools. With the loving guidance of Krishna, Jesus, Babaji, Sai Baba and other spiritual guides, you will overcome inner blockages and step into a deeper understanding of Who You Really Are: a light being in a physical body.

Once you have started changing inside, your outside world will change accordingly.

Your heart will tell you, if this is your path. You only need to find the inner courage to take the first step!

Please contact me for further information on price and date.

Om Namah Shivay!