Sinchota Maran

The healing knowledge and wisdom of Sinchota Maran shamans is rooted in Native American cultures where shamans were deeply connected with nature, were able to read its signs, and talked to the spirits.

As human beings we all live in the context of this world which is created in this open space between the Great Spirit (father Heaven) and Mother Earth. On our individual paths of life we meet other people, establish relationships, have been born into a specific kind of family, and we all try to make sense of it all. Especially when we face certain challenges, difficult situations in our lives, like an illness or the loss of a loved one, or trouble at work, we can realize an important part of ourselves: the way we handle this challenge says something about who we really are. It becomes obvious, how much in tune we are with our own inner self, our special qualities that we brought with us to Mother Earth.

It is my pleasure to guide you along your individual path of life with all my healing knowledge and the help of the power animals. In a healing session, I open up a room of love and light where you can relax and find the connection to one of the spirit helpers. The spirit will guide you along a healing journey to heal old wounds or find and bring back with you a special quality that you need for your path. I am looking forward to meet you!


1 hour healing session starts at $90.